I was asked to record my favorite christmas song, in english. The christmas songs I hold dearest to my heart are all in swedish though, and have never gotten any good translations. But, I’ve always loved this one too – one of the most beautiful pieces ever written for the human voice if you ask me – maybe that’s why I’ve never even dared trying to sing it before. And maybe it’s not a christmas song per se, but it’s usually heard around this time of year, and I think the harmonies perfectly reflects the beauty of yule time.

Samuel, my keyboard player and friend, had just got himself this big old yamaha organ that we wanted to use for our version. We met in his studio space, a bit tired and hungover after a lovely christmas party at Headstomp (my booking agents). I brought the candles. Benoit Derrier was there to film it. So, here’s our version – we hope it’ll give you a few minutes of tranquility in your holiday preparations. Share it if you want to.

We wish you a peaceful christmas!



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