The SO BACK TO FRONT TOUR has inevitably come to an end. What a journey this has been! Where to start… Ok, I’ll start late ’80’s. This summer, while helping to clean out the attic in the house I grew up in, I found a book amongst my old belongings. A ”My Friends”-book, that kind of writing book where your friends get to state their name, zodiac, lenght, weight, favourite artists, songs, films, books, who they’re having a crush on, what they dream of becoming in the future, etc. I had also written in the book, once every year between the ages of 7-14. I was 9 when the SO album came out, and reading my written pages between the ages of 9-14, my favourite artist was: Peter Gabriel. My favourite song: Don’t give up, Red rain, That voice again. What I dreamt of becoming: a singer, musician and artist. Had I known!!!!! I guess you all can see where I’m going with this. The conclusion being: life is truly surprising sometimes.

THANK YOU, Peter Gabriel, for the music, the moments and for your enormous generosity. It’s been great beyond comparison to get to share your musical universe. Thank you Tony Levin Official Page, David Rhodes, Manu Katché & David Sancious – it’s been a great honour and inspiration to get to play with legendary musicians such as yourselves. Linnea Olsson; I never get tired of hanging out or making music with you. Thanks for being the best tour buddy ever, and for bearing with me at all times. Thanks to the fantastic CREW – none forgotten! – you have truly brightened the tour in so many ways. And thanks to dear Ane Brun who got me there in the first place. See you all, somewhere!

Photo by David Goulty, taken at Motorpoint Arena, Cardiff.


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