SO! Back to Front tour with Peter Gabriel.

I’ll be on Peter Gabriel’s Back to Front tour this autumn! 25 years ago a groundbreaking album called ”So” was released. This year, Peter Gabriel will perform the album in its full length on a tour throughout North America. I’ll be doing backup vocals together with Ane Brun, who’s also supporting the tour.

For me, this is a super special thing. I’ve always held ”So” as one of the album’s that has influenced me the most musically. I was introduced to it by my big sister when I was 9, and even as a child I was so fascinated by the sounds and melodies. It was all a big mystery to me, how could one create something like this out of nothing? How does music really ”happen”? I thought it was magic. And still do.

Peter has managed to pull together the original band from the tour back then, with such amazing gents as Manu Katché on drums, David Rhodes on guitar, David Sancious on keys and last but certainly not least, the great Tony Levin on bass. There are good reasons to get starstruck anywhere you look on this stage!

We’re already in prouction rehearsals in Canada, with a tour premiere coming up. For all dates, go to Peter Gabriels tour page.

I’ll post photos and such as the tour goes along. You can follow me on Instagram too, where I post photos several times a week. Look for ”jennieabrahamson”.


J x

(”Red Rain” below, one of my all time favourite songs!)

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