Volvo Cars has a new ad out, containing a brand new version of the old Sound of Music classic ”My favorite things” sung by Jennie. Here’s the press release;

Despite the fact she has released no less than 5 critically acclaimed albums in her own name, and toured the world by herself and alongside artists like Peter Gabriel, Ane Brun and Peter Bjorn & John, Jennie Abrahamson has managed to remain somewhat of a  Swedish indie secret.

Born and raised in a small village just outside the coastal town of Umeå in northern Sweden, she now resides in Stockholm but has the world as her working field. Since the release of her solo debut ”Lights” (2007) she has been running her own record label, and together with two of her childhood friends she also runs a recording studio where many nordic artists pass through for recording or mixing.

Her latest release, award-nominated full-length album ”Reverseries” (2017), is an ambitious take on making a classic album –  a thoroughly composed and stunning ten track collection of unique, ethereal pop songs that deal with intimacy, relationships, humanity and love. ”Reverseries” is the follow up to Abrahamson’s 2014-released breakthrough ”Gemini Gemini”, a record that earned a handful of major industry accolades in Sweden including Indie of the Year at Manifest Awards and a nomination for IMPALA’s European Indie Album of the Year. ”Reversereries” has been said to be both a summary and a further development of the sound that has evolved record by record; music with the ability to evoke clear images in warm colours, music that mediates exact feelings. All driven by an indisputable voice that has taken more and bigger space for every record.

Since the previous album and with the new one, Jennie has been touring extensively throughout Europe together with her band. As a reputed singer and multi-musician, she is sometimes found in other collaborations as well – most notably she’s been seen singing and playing alongside her childhood idol Peter Gabriel since 2012, while also opening for him every night with her own songs.

On the remake of ”My favorite things”, Jennie says:

”I was quite surprised when I heard this was the track they wanted me to pitch for. Remembering the original version and its wholesome happy vibe, I immediately felt I would have to draw the track closer to my own world of music to make a version that would feel genuine for me to sing. Because a listener always know when it’s not coming from the heart. Then when I saw the first drawings of what later became the film, I felt there was indeed room to make it sound more like ”me”; add a bit of drama, some electronics, some aerial vocals or if you will; some genuine northern melancholy. The melody in this song is so strong and will be recognized by anyone who’s ever heard it, no matter how you dress it. When me and my co-producer sat down to play around with the song we found this version very quickly and intuitively, and it’s always a great sign when you feel it comes naturally, when you don’t have to force it.”

The song is produced and mixed by Samuel Starck, mastered by Sören von Malmborg at Cosmos Mastering and can be found on your preferred platform for streaming or download.

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