“GEMINI GEMINI” has been out in the Nordic countries for a month now, and have been getting rave reviews. Here are some of the most important:

- DN: 4/5 (Dagens Nyheter, Sweden’s biggest morning paper)
- TT: 4/5 (Sweden’s bigggest news agency)
- DI: 4/5 (Sweden’s largest daily business & affairs newspaper)
 - SvD: 4/6 (Sweden’s third biggest daily newspaper)
- Gaffa: 5/6 (one of Sweden’s biggest music magazines)
- Sydsvenskan: no grade, but raving review.
- GP: 4/5 (Göteborgsposten: Sweden’s second biggest morning paper)
- VG: 5/6 (Verdens gang, Norway’s biggest evening news)
- Helsingin Sanomat, no grade, raving review, Finland’s biggest newspaper (morning paper).
- BA 5/6 (BergensAvisen, one of Norway’s top most read morning papers)
- SOUNDI 4/5 (one of Finlands biggest music magazines)
- Nöjesguiden 4/6, Sweden’s biggest free magazine for music, lifestyle, food, film etc.
- Obladoo, no grade, raving review, big music website.

We’re happy and excited!

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