In the beginning of 2014, Jennie Abrahamson will release a new album. Today, October 3rd, we get a taste of what’s to come through the release of ”Phoenix”, first single off the album.  It’s a song that doesn’t sound quite like anything we’ve heard from her before, and still there’s no mistaking who it is you’re listening to. Phoenix moves elegantly, with small and simple parts, from minimalism to explosive maximalism, a sort of oscillating between extremes that has come to be a sign of her music.

Since the last album, The Sound of Your Beating Heart, 2011) she has toured Europe both with her own band and as a part of Ane Brun’s tour band, and supported and played with her childhood idol Peter Gabriel on a tour across North America for his anniversary of the ground breaking album ”So”. The new album, title to be announced, was written during spring 2013 and recorded during summer, with Jennie herself as the producer and long time studio colleague Johannes Berglund (who has set his print in the music world this year through work with Shout Out Louds, Jenny Wilson, The Knife, I break horses and Owen Pallett) as co-producer, mixer and engineer. She is currently once again touring with Peter Gabriel, this time in Europe. Look to previous post for more info!

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