Other Jennie stuff from spring 2012: clips & photos.

There’s been a lot going on besides the releases and trips to Germany, Benelux and France. A concert with a string quintet, opening for the Manic Street Preachers at a show in Copenhagen, a great tour with Ane Brun, guesting the Soundtrack of our lives on some organ, singing on a new Markus Krunegård track, guesting Deportees at their big show at Dramaten and more… Here are some clips and photos of random stuff!

Here’s a fantastic live clip of Ane Brun’s ”Worship” recorded in Antwerpen in April:

Here’s a clip from Dramaten, when me and Mariam Wallentin (from Wildbirds & Peacedrums) guested Deportees! ”When they come” at 2.08 and ”A new name to go by” at 7.30.

Here’s a clip from when I played some organ with T.S.O.O.L on the Swedish/Norwegian TV show Skavlan.

Here’s a song by a new and fantastic band from my hometown; Winhill/losehill! They made their debut this spring with a beautiful and critically acclaimed double album. This is a song I truly love, and I also sing a bit on it.

Here’s a great new track by Swedish singer Markus Krunegård (part of We are Serenades) that I had the honour of doing some backup vocals for:

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