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tony mason tony mason skrev den oktober 10, 2012 den 18:16:
Amazing show in San Diego. Really enjoy your music!
Mark Browne Mark Browne från Los Angeles, CA USA skrev den oktober 7, 2012 den 18:53:
We are excited about hearing your beautiful music and becoming new fans of yours! Please let us know when you come through the states again. We'd love to see you perform your own set. -Mark Browne -Lily Wilson-Browne
Myke Myke från Calgary, Alberta CANADA skrev den oktober 2, 2012 den 18:39:
Hi Jennie... I just saw the Denver PG show. I was very very happy to have seen you play. You sounded amazing. The "Don't Give Up" duet was worth the price of admission !! It was the best version I've ever heard. I can't wait to hear more from you. You need to come and play across Canada !!
Deborah Deborah skrev den september 27, 2012 den 13:06:
I was at the Peter Gabriel show in Detroit last night and had the wonderful pleasure of discovering you. I figured that since it was a PG show, I would get to hear someone 'unknown' to the North American (traditional) music audience and I couldnt feel more blessed. Thank you so so much for your gift. And you did a beautiful job on 'Dont Give Up'. It brought tears to my eyes. Enjoy the tour xo
Douglas Goller Douglas Goller från NY skrev den september 27, 2012 den 00:30:
Yes! Jennie when you play NY again count me in on being there. It is a treat to have discovered you via Peter Gabriel!
jerry jerry skrev den september 25, 2012 den 01:19:
Had the pleasure to see you perform at Jones Beach last night. I have to say I did not know who you were. I really enjoyed your performance and just bought your cd, "The Sound of Your beating heart". Simply awesome. Hope you play the states soon
Sandi Sandi från NY, USA skrev den september 24, 2012 den 18:54:
Saw you last night at Jones were great! Really enjoyed the show!
Douglas Goller Douglas Goller från NY skrev den september 24, 2012 den 07:52:
Wow! saw you tonite at Jones Beach, NY - USA is lucky to have you! Searched all over looking for lyrics esp. for "In This Life To Live". Kindly tell us where to find them. You are an angel's voice!
Heather Heather från Lancaster, PA skrev den september 23, 2012 den 01:24:
The voice of an angel! We really enjoyed your performance at Wells Fargo Center in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Happily purchased "The Sound of Your Beating Heart" CD at the show and love it! Plays great from start to finish. Am now on the hunt for your two previous CDs. Good luck to you!
Neil McGivney Neil McGivney från Toronto, Canada skrev den september 20, 2012 den 19:51:
Thank you for last night at the Air Canada Centre. You were a wonderful surprise for us and made a spectacular Peter gabriel evening, that little bit better. Your album is available on iTunes here now and I'll be picking it up today. Thanks again.
Sylvain Sylvain från Ville de Québec skrev den september 18, 2012 den 02:48:
Fantastic performance yesterday in Quebec with Peter Gabriel. I will go to find some cd of you. Thank you!
Élise Marcoux Élise Marcoux från Canadian skrev den september 18, 2012 den 02:15:
Heard you at the Peter Gabriel show yesterday! Wow! You were incredible! First thing this morning, I bought some of your music on ITunes but cannot seem to find the one you opened with... Could you please tell me what it was? Oh, and I've been amaze at your performance in Don't Give Up! Nothing to envy Kate Bush! You were great!
Jean Hudon Jean Hudon från Canada skrev den september 18, 2012 den 01:42:
Hi Jennie Last night, Colisée Pepsi, Quebec. I heard the most beautiful voice I've ever, ever heard: it was yours. I didn't help but became a fan of yours ever since, and I don't see how it could stop. No need anyway. Let your music play, you are an angel. Jean
Guy Guy från Quebec City skrev den september 17, 2012 den 12:45:
WOW! I saw you last night in Quebec City whith Peter Gabriel. I've never heard you before. What a surprise! What a voice! What a peformance in 'D'ont give up' whith Peter Gabriel! You also did a vry good job in opening. You charmed Gabriel's fans. Congratulations
Romain Romain från Suisse skrev den juni 10, 2012 den 21:45:
Thank you for your great show at Caribana Festival this weekend. So happy to have discovered you and your music! Hope we see you soon here again.
David David från Czech skrev den maj 31, 2012 den 16:50:
Hello, Your voice make my life more pleasant ;-) Stress is leaving, well-being, your music is great! Will you sing one day in Czech Republic? A lot of success!
Sofia Sofia skrev den april 14, 2012 den 12:38:
Hej Jennie! Åh vad jag är glad att jag upptäckt dig!! Om än lite sent... Men bättre sent än aldrig, right?! Jag undrar; kommer du spela något i Sverige i vår/sommar? Eller ska du kanske backa up Ane? I Lund? I sådana fall ses vi då? Keep up the good work!
skrev den mars 19, 2012 den 18:33:
Evelien: Yes' it's available in the Netherlands since end of January! You should find it in well sorted record shops, or you coul ask them to order it for you. It's distributed by Dying Giraffe Records. Also available on iTunes and such! All best!
flashempire flashempire skrev den februari 20, 2012 den 22:39:
greets from germany, love da style from you!!
Evelien Evelien skrev den februari 8, 2012 den 13:35:
Dear Jennie, is it possible to buy your new cd in The Netherlands already? I've been listening to it a few times on and it is great!